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Probation Revocations

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Denton Lawyers Fighting Against Probation Revocation

Meeting the many conditions of probation can be difficult. Deferred probations can be adjudicated or regular probations can be revoked for failing to comply with any of your conditions of probation including not finding employment, failing drug tests, being charged with new offenses, not completing community service or not attending required classes.

Revocation of your probation can mean another loss of your freedom and more stress for your family. At the Denton, Texas, law offices of Boswell Legal Group, we can help.

We encourage our clients to act early when they fear that they may be subject to a probation revocation. If you contact an attorney before the revocation is filed, you may be able to avoid it altogether. Even after your probation revocation has been filed, it may not be too late. We can still help you convince the judge or the prosecution that you are making efforts now. Working with Boswell Legal Group can help you find solutions such as extensions of your probation with additional or revised conditions, or when necessary, negotiating to reduce prison or jail sentences.

Negotiation is Critical in Probation Revocation Matters

The key to success in adjudication or probation revocation proceedings is to hire a skilled attorney. At Boswell Legal Group, we are experienced negotiators. As former assistant district attorneys, we know how the prosecution works, and understand the strength and weaknesses of various arguments.

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